Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts and I'm a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. Here's a ten minute workout for weight loss. You have only got ten minutes. It can't be anything simple. You are going to have to go hardcore if you want to lose weight. The things you will need for this are a mat, some space, a punching bag and some punching gloves. Here's how I like to start on the bag. Just a jab, with one arm, the heck with the other one. I want you to get that arm nice and hot, just jab. Abs pulled in. You've got one leg on the bag. Then, you might want to add in the other arm, jab, cross. Then add uppercuts here. That's bicep. So, the abs are pulled in the whole time. You want to do that like for a minute. Then, just sit on the bag or sit on the floor. I don't care, and do some tricep dips, elbows aiming straight back. Make sure you are breathing, two, one. Come back up, now work upper, now work the upper body, the back of the arm. Let's work some legs, kicks, kick, kick. You want to do this for a minute. So, that's the legs. Let's go for arm. I'm coming down, push-ups, hands wide, back up. Maybe a little bit more leg work with the kicks. Then start back all over with the upper body on the bag. So, just kind of want to do upper, lower, upper, lower, upper, lower and that's how you do it, ten minutes a day.