Video transcription

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Bachner. I am a licensed midwife, a certified professional midwife, and also a licensed acupuncturist. And you're wanting to know how to bounce on a ball to induce labor. Well, I only wished it worked all the time. In fact, I wished a lot of the alternative therapies worked to induce labor. So, the first thing you want to do is you want to ask yourself why is it that you're inducing labor? Is it medically necessary, or is there something going on within your own self of you wanting to get the baby out? These are all valid reasons, but I encourage you to take a few moments to tune inside and really see what it is you might be feeling. Emotions are a big part of birthing, and I sometimes find as a home birth midwife that a mom might be resistant to actually going into labor because she's got a lot of big emotions and needs some big support for that. So, using a ball to induce labor. I actually never see it work, and if it did, that would be great. But, what you can do is you can sit on the ball, and you are on the ball and just bouncing, using the ball every time you need to sit. So, instead of sitting on a couch, you would sit on a ball, and you're going to sit on the ball to watch TV and you're going to sit on the ball if you're at your desk, and you're going to sit on your ball if you're reading a book, and what you can do is if you need support while sitting on the ball, you can either buy one of the ball chairs, or you can actually put some pillows behind you and back up against the couch. But sitting on the ball, what it will do is hopefully open up your hips to bring the baby down a little lower. When the baby's head comes down a little lower, it puts pressure onto the cervix, and in that it might create some effacement, maybe some dilation, but what it will do is get your body ready to go into labor. It will get your body ready for the contractions. Bouncing on the ball won't create the contractions, but what it will do is create a nice environment for the contractions to start and get you nice and ready.