Video transcription

Hello, I'm Jacklyn Laflamme. I'm a professional artist with In this clip, I'm going to show you how to use colored pencils. You will need a black magic marker. You will need drawing paper. You will need a pencil sharpener. You will need colored pencils. I always like to start off sharpening all my pencils before I get started so I have a nice, pointy tip. Then, I like to take the pencil and outline my design. So, in this particular case, I'm going to draw a quick little flower. A little rose, I'm just going to do a little swirly shape here, just to show the outline of the design. Then, I'm going to take my pencil and start shading in. I'm going to go a little bit darker at the bottom edges just because that's where the shadow of the flower would be. And then I'm going to lighten up a little bit, just to give it a little bit of texture and get the form, the 3-D form of the rose, and you can get different textures just by applying different pressures to the pencil. So, here again, at the bottom, I'm going to go darker, and then I'm just going to lighten up a little bit on my touch as I get towards the upper part of the rose. And you just keep continuing on in this manner. Shading, shading in the rose, just like that, and that is just the very basic techniques for starting off with colored pencils. This is Jacklyn Laflamme. Thank you for watching.