Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts and I'm a personal trainer with Gold's Gym. How to make your butt bigger or in other words, how to be Bootylicious. The things you will need for this are space, mat, some weights, and a ball. So, let's talk about Bootylicious. If you seriously want a big butt, sit on the couch, get your bag of Bon Bons and don't do anything, your butt will get bigger, I'll promise you that. But, if you just want a nice-shaped butt, kind of, Beyonce-ish, if you will. I've got a few exercises that'll do it. And I'm going to start, yeah, I'm going to start on the floor. If you want, you can grab a weight to make you more bootylicious. I'm going to take this weight, put it right in the crease of my knee, I'm going to flex my foot. Because if you point the toe, you kind of lose control of the weight, I'm flexing the foot. Come down on your elbows, I'm going to push that leg, straight up and down. That is going to tighten, but still get you all bootylicious. That's right there, targeting it right there. Ah, two more, one more, ah, that is amazing, and just going to strengthen, get you all looking good. Item I'll show now, the ball, so I want you to come all the way down. Kind of place your calves on the ball, those legs are about hip distance. All I want you to do, is lift the hips, kind of like a Bridge pose. Here's a simple move, pull the ball in towards the butt and push it away. So, your hips are lifting, flex the feel like you flex. Pull it in, that's right there, boom, working the butt. Want it a little harder, hold it in, lift the leg up and pulse i, that's going to tighten and tone, come on down. Those are just a few exercises you can do that are going to really give you a nice bootylicious, round buttocks.