Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ken Fargason with Nashville Fireplace and Grills out of Nashville, Tennessee. We're going to talk about how to clean soot off your glass on your fireplace. One of the cheapest and easiest material to use is some water and some vinegar and some paper towels will all you're going to be needing. If you've got a wood burning fireplace with glass doors on it, you're going to get some accumulation of soot up on the inside of the doors. An easy way to clean this is with a little vinegar and water and some paper towels. It'll cut that soot off; it's very easy and won't take you very long to do. With a little vinegar and water on a paper towel, just take it, wipe the inside of it out. You probably have to do several applications to get it all off; but it should all come clean with very little effort. The ratio vinegar to water should be somewhere in ten to twenty percent vinegar and, and ninety to eighty percent water. You might get a little streaking with it; but if you repeat that process with a clean paper towel, you'll eliminate that streaking as well. These are the simple ways to clean the soot off the inside and the outside of your glass doors.