Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ken Fargason, I'm with Nashville Fireplace and Grills, I'm out of Nashville, Tennessee, and we're going to talk about some general maintenance on your fireplace. One of the things that you're going to need is a shovel, a small broom, and some type of non-combustible pail. One of the safety things that you do want to remember, is it when you're cleaning out the ashes after a wood burning fire place. is to always have something non-combustible to put the ashes in. Never want to put them in a plastic bag or a paper bag. You never know when you might have a coal in there that's still hot, and the last thing you want is, some type of fire. What you want to do is, either buy a soot remover from one of your fireplace local stores. Or you can use a nylon brush and a little alcohol, a little vinegar and water will also cut it. But just take a nylon brush, dilute it into the water and actually scrub the brick down, as well as you an. You won't always get all the soot off, of them, but you'll get a majority of it off, of them and clean them up. Once you've cleaned the brick, if it's still not as clean as you'd like it to be and you want to a fresh new look. What you can do is, buy a high temperature black paint, you can buy that at your local hardware stores. It's used on barbecue grills, it's a high temperature paint. Clean the brick as well as you can, and then come back in and spray it black. And it'll clean all of that dirty soot up, off your bricks and make your fireplace look nice and clean again. So now you've got your fireplace clean, you've got it painted. If you've still got a little soot on your fireplace facing material. Take a little vinegar and water and nylon brush, clean the outside of it and you've got a brand new fireplace.