Video transcription

Hi, I'm David Dubail, and I'm a personal trainer at In this clip I'm going to give you some exercises for seniors to lose weight. You'll need an aerobic step. A real great thing to get your heart rate up and you can control the tempo, is just a basic step, stepping up and stepping down. You could do this for a good five minutes, get the heart rate up and you'll burn some calories. And if you can do it even longer, that's even better. Another great exercise for seniors to develop a little bit of muscle, to increase your metabolism, would be a basic squat. You get a wide base, and just go down as low as possible, and come up. Go down as low as possible. This one's also going to get the heart rate up because you're using a big muscle group. You want to hit anywhere from sets of ten to twenty. This is Dave Dubail. Thanks for watching.