Video transcription

Hello, my name is Conan Elliott and I'm Director of Instruction here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today we're going to talk about how to hit a golf ball further. Well, believe it or not; it's not about power, it's not about arm speed; it's clubhead speed. Clubhead speeds developed by turning into my big muscles rather than the swing in my arms. But the number one factor is how square can I hit the golf ball. In other words, can I make the golf ball; the golf club strike the golf ball right smack middle of the clubface. If I do, then I transfer all of that speed of the club to the ball. I cause the ball to compress against the clubface; expand outwardly and I have very little side rotation, which also causes me distance loss. So one way I do that and the materials that I use in this is of course a club, a club and a ball and a tee; but also what we call a face play. We just lay a little piece on there that actually when I hit this golf ball it's going to mark it; so I know. A lot of that, when I hit the golf ball to the ends; to the toe, a lot usually that swing path are wristy or it could be that the club is too short. When the club is too long; I tend to hit the golf ball to the inside of my golf club a lot. Both tremendous power loss is out there. So, I want to get it as close as to the middle of the golf club as I can hit it. That's the first thing in hitting it far. Second of all is understanding that the golf swing is about centrifugal force; about creating a circle around my spine. That if I got my spines right here, I want to be able to turn to both sides of that spine, keeping my spine here and creating a circle. When I have that, I create tremendous forces out on a head of the club. When I have the instinct or the natural instinct that most players have, which is to use my hands to make it go faster; my arms to try to get it to increase speed; I actually slow down the golf club and usually my fastest point in my swing is before I strike it. So, my club is actually decelerating as I hit it. When I learn to keep my hands and arms quiet and turn my big muscles, I create tremendous forces on a head of the club. All of, when you watch a tour player on TV play, you'll see that they don't swing very fast; basically the ladies. You watch the ladies, they look very fluid and, and, and very relaxed in their golf swings. It's because of their upper body strengths being less than men's, they've had to learn even better technique than the men. So, the women's technique is often a lot better than the men's technique, although the men's technique has gotten very good today. But it's the factor turning the big muscles; keeping the little muscles out of play; learning to lag the golf club which means that we're going to keep the club cocked with the clubhead lagging at the top; again, using my big muscles to start the downswings. Basically, from the ground up on coiling. If I use my little muscles, my club is fast there; slow through the ball. So I've got to learn to hit it straight in the middle of the clubface; use my big muscles and let the club lag behind me in order to hit the ball far. Let's try one. Now we're going to work about try to keep my hands quiet; get a good posture and make good turns. I hit that pretty good. I don't know if you can see it for sure. It didn't quite hit up in the middle; it hit in the middle but it hit a little bit low on the sub and that was because I had that club ball tee just a little bit low. So I got a play with that a little bit. You got to play with it a little bit to find out how high to tee it and exactly where it goes across the face. This is Conan Elliott and that's how to hit a golf ball further.