Video transcription

Hello, my name is Conan Elliot and I'm Director of Instruction here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today we're going to talk about how to increase swing speed in golf. And the way you do that, is to understand the physics of a golf swing. The materials you need here are literally a golf club and a golf ball. Golf swing is all about centrifugal force. In other words, if I had a bucket of water here and I was swinging that, as long as I kept my arm pretty straight. It went in a full circle, I would create force. A car going around a bin creates centrifugal force or wants to pull it to the outside, off the bin. Most people, when we go to try to hit it further, increase our speed. Use our little muscles of our hands and our arms, trying to make it go faster. It feels like we're working hard when we do that, so it seems like we're increasing our speed. The truth is, is we use our big muscles from a fixed point, which is our spine. And we turn around our spine. The faster I turn the big muscles, the faster the golf club will on on the outside of that circle. So, as I turn my big muscles, golf club increase speeds. There you see a lot of tour players who don't look like they're swinging very hard, the golf ball is going very, very far. One of the main reasons is that they're using their big muscles, turning those hips and shoulders through that golf ball. Instead of swinging our arms and hands quickly, past it. Okay, so understanding that it's physics of turning and letting the club lag. And lag means my hands get more cock in it. As I get to the top, I want to keep my hands cocked and my club lagging at the top. I can't do that if I'm trying to use my hands to swing the golf club. So, what I have to do, is I have to let my hands stay quiet, the club lag and turn my body. That stores up energy, tremendous amount of energy, that's released at the ball, it's almost identical to pitching. When a person throws a golf ball or a pitcher. He will keep his elbow forward, he'll turn his big muscles through the ball, he'll keep his hands lagging 'til the very last second, where they finally release. He wouldn't get back here and throw quickly with their hands and arms, try to make it go fast. Okay, so it's all about centrifugal force. So, we want to get our big muscles involved. So, consequently, when I use my big muscles, it doesn't seem like we're going very fast. But we're actually creating a lot of speed on the head of the golf club. This is Conan Elliot and that's how to get more speed in your golf swing.