Video transcription

Hi my name is Nathan McConnell. I'm a paramedic and EMS instructor in Brunswick County, North Carolina and this is how to treat alcohol poisoning. There is no special equipment that we need to use for this. With patients who are in severe alcohol poisoning, most of these patients are going to have ingested enough alcohol where they are not going to be conscious on you. So in these patients, we want to take our first steps in CPR. We want to first check and see if the patient is conscious by shaking and shouting. If they don't respond to us, we want to go to the head tilt, chin lift method again of look, listen and feel for breathing. Normally if we are dealing with just alcohol poisoning, the patient will be breathing. In these patients, we want to maintain these patient's airway and make sure they continue to breath normally on us. With alcohol poisoning they can also begin to vomit or begin to throw up on us, and in these patients we want to again make sure this airway stays clear for us. The most important thing is to maintain their airway and maintain their breathing until EMS can arrive and transport these patients to the hospital. My name is Nathan McConnell and this has been how to treat alcohol poisoning.