Video transcription

Hey, I'm Dr. Bob Pane, a veterinarian at Let's talk about how to stop a dog from coughing with Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough is a bacteria usually Bordetella Bronchiseptica and it irritates the trachea so you have a propensity to cough. You can use Robitussin DM, that helps a little bit but normally a veterinarian will give you a codeine like drug to stop the cough combined with antibiotics and combined with possibly an anti aerosol type of anti bacterial spray or inhalation. Sometimes we have to culture these tracheas to see what type of bacteria it is because it may not be Kennel Cough. Collapsing tracheas can look like this, elongated soft palates can look like this. So again you have to go to your veterinarian to find if it's truly Kennel Cough. It is very infectious to other dogs. You need to be really aware of that. Other dogs should be separated from this dog until you define the problem and find out if it is truly Kennel Cough but Kennel Cough can also be a virus too. There is a parainfluenza virus we feel is coupled with this. So now we have this new influenza virus that's going around. There are several types, N1H1N1 is one of them and that can be very infectious and even deadly in some animals. So I would just treat the cough. I'd try to find out if it's a bacterial infection. IF it is you need antibiotics and I have looked at dogs before and I never knew that they were that sick until we did a white blood count and the white blood count in some of these dogs is 30,000. So you need to get really actively aggressive about treating them with oral antibiotics, as well as antitussives that are in the cough medication, and codeine is what you need but you need to go through a veterinarian. It's a narcotic and you need a license for that to prescribe it. So you should not use something over-the-counter unless you talk to your veterinarian. Anyway Kennel Cough is very important to define.