Video transcription

Hello, I'm Statia Widak and I'm from Plainville, Massachusetts and I love collecting glass it is my hobby. I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. We're looking at depression glass. We have the green over here and we have the pink and that is something that everybody wants to collect. This happens to be thumb print made by Federal Glass Company 1928-1930 and all of these are in nice condition. There are just a few patterns out there because everybody is using it then they chip it, break it and of course you cannot sell it if it's chipped or broken. It has to be whole. We have the pretty pinks over here. Pretty pink, it's dusty but it's very pretty. During the depression you would collect this glass at the movie house. Every time you went to the movies they would give you a little saucer like this, that?s the whirl, the swirl pattern or they'd give you a cup to go with it. That's how people collected most of this glass it wasn't that you went to the store and bought it. You would go to the movies and they would give you a piece. No one could afford to buy, buy the glass and pay money for it so they go to the movies and they got a little piece of glass. That's how this came to be and everybody loves depression glass but there's very little of it around. These are old pieces right here I don't know the pattern I would have to look it up in the, in the book. It's a beautiful piece and it?s got gold, trimmed with gold, it's got the stop, the stopper is here. Then we have the blue glass that's another one they would have. The blue is very expensive and so is the red. Compared to the green and pink it's more expensive. And then of course the crystal is the cheapest. Oh this is an amber color. These are depression pieces of glass.