Video transcription

If you are having trouble stopping on your bicycle you may need to adjust your brake pads or the spring tension. Hi this is Christian of Mellow Johnny's, and today I am going to show you how to fix brakes. The material's you will need are a Y wrench, a five millimeter Allen wrench, a fourth hand tool, and a screwdriver. Basically what you want to do you can go ahead and adjust your cable tension via this five millimeter, and the fourth hand tool. You can squeeze that fourth hand tool basically it functions, basically it functions as such, go ahead and snug that down. What you want to do is grab your Y wrench in this case you can go ahead, and adjust your brake pads. Make sure that they are flat or almost perfectly flat with the brake or the rim surface. Make sure they are not too hight so they will rub on the tire or too low so it rubs on the lower section of the rim. And go ahead and adjust those. You will want to adjust both sides of course. Once you have got those adjusted you can recheck the cable tension in this case it is a little too tight. You can use your fourth hand tool, and go ahead and release some of that tension on there so the brake pads themselves do not rub on the rim. Still a little bit tight so we go ahead and back a little more pressure off of those or a little more cable tension. Go ahead and double check this adjustment here looks like part of the brake pad is a little high. Go ahead and snug that up, spin the wheel to make sure it is not rubbing or anything. There is one more adjustment here. This screw right here will raise or lower tension on one lever arm whether it be on this side or this side. And basically that will allow you if you adjust it out this brake will actually rub on the rim. If you adjust it back in it will increase this spring tension, and bring that brake pad off of the rim allowing that wheel to spin freely or clear the rim surface there. And that is how you fix brakes on a bicycle.