Video transcription

Hi this is Christian from Mellow Johnny's in Austin, Texas and today I'm going to show you how to change a saddle. Most saddles will have a traditional rail like this. This is extremely common although there are a number of different ways the saddles actually attach to the seat posts. You'll usually have some kind of clamping mechanism such as this one here found on just about any city bike, mountain bike or road bike and then something like this one here uses a different style wrench, has bolts on both sides. This is generally found on a beach cruiser, children's bike or something from the past such as any road bike you may find or have from like the early 80's or 70's. Basically you'll need to determine what tool you'll need. In this case we'll need a 6 millimeter Allen wrench which is extremely common. There is a bolt right down here. You'll go ahead and loosen that bolt. We usually take five or six turns to get that bolt loose. There is a clamp up in the top here as you can see you'll need to rotate that piece sideways. Once you have removed the first saddle go ahead and grab your new saddle, install that. You'll rotate that clamp again, this one right here, determine what angle you'll need. Usually you'll want to use it relatively level, go ahead and snug that bolt up and that's how you install a bicycle saddle.