Video transcription

Hi my name is Christian with Mello Johnny's Bike Shop in Austin, Texas and today I'm going to show you how to remove a set of pedals. First thing we need to start off with a pedal wrench or a 15 mm wrench; go ahead and install your pedal wrench on the pedal. It's usually easier if you stabilize the other side of the crank set and go ahead and break that pedal free. Once you've breaking that, broken that free, you can actually rotate the pedal or the crank arm and un-thread the pedal. The right side actually releases in the left hand motion and once you've got into the non drive side of the bike, the direction that the pedal rotate is actually opposite. Again stabilizing the drive side with your other hand, you can go ahead and remove that pedal and that will actually rotate in a right hand motion when releasing your or un-threading that pedal. Now I'll show you how to install pedals by replacing ones we just removed. First thing you want to do is determine which pedal goes on each side. Each one is marked both at right and a left pedal, they'll have and R and L on them. Once you determine that you'll take your right pedal; in this instance, go ahead and thread that into the crank arm. The right pedal actually rotates in a, a right hand direction. You'll grab your pedal wrench which is a 15 mm; grab that and go ahead and snug that up. It doesn't need to be terribly tight but it does need to be snugged. Once you've done the right pedal, you need to do the left pedal. The left pedal will rotate in a left hand motion and again, you'll grab your pedal wrench and go ahead and snug that up. And that's how you remove bicycle pedals and also install new pedals.