Video transcription

Hi this is Christian at Mellow Johnny's in Austin, Texas and today I'm going to show you what you'll need to re-thread a crank arm. Depending on the condition of the crank arm if you need to replace the threads or you can just run a tap through the threads, they do make a thread replacement that you can purchase, you'll need a drill, you'll need this part. You'll also need a 5/8's tap and basically what you'll do is you'll drill this hole out. You need to make sure that you drill that hole as straight as possible then once you have drilled that out you'll go ahead and thread in this threaded insert. If the threads just need to be cleaned up you can use a 9/16's thread or pedal tap such as this one and basically you'll just run the tap through the threads. As you can see it's threading through the other side. Once you have re-threaded that or cleaned up those threads you can reinstall your pedals. One of the things you might contemplate doing is you can generally get a replacement crank set for somewhere depending on what quality level the crank is anywhere from $40 to $250 and it might be easier and more cost effective to actually go ahead and replace the crank set.