Video transcription

Hi, my name's Christian, from Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop, in Austin, Texas, and today I'm going to show you how to straighten a set of crooked handlebars. As you can see, this is kind of an extreme angle on that, but basically, what you'll need to do is you'll need the Allen wrench. In this instance it's a five millimeter. There are three bolt adjustments on here. You can see here there's two bolts here which are actually the ones we'll need to align the stem. You basically, you need to loosen these up, and then once you've loosened those up you can actually place your foot at the base of the wheel here. Rotate the handlebar until it's straight. Sometimes, you need to give it a little tap. Once you've determined that it's straight you can double-check the headset adjustment with this Allen bolt here, and then snug those two side bolts back up again. When determining whether your handlebars are crooked or not, basically, you'll need to look at the stem. The handlebars will generally be off to one direction or the other. If you've been in a bike wreck, or your bike's fallen over in a bike rack; somebody's knocked your bike over, the handlebar may have become crooked. And generally, some of the things you'll notice when the handlebars are crooked is the bicycle will pull to one direction or the other. And that's how you straighten a crooked handlebar.