Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ali Reynolds and this Ivy. We're going to show you guys how to plant turnips, one of her favorite things to plant too. First off, turnips really need a loose loamy soil and we we're going to want to work the soil deep. We're going to add some compost to the soil and we're going to work it in very deep. You can till it in or you can use a digging fork, one or the other it doesn't matter. You're going to work that soil, loosen it up really good, then we're going to add some all purpose fertilizer to it, something that is higher in phosphorus. We'll just put some of that in there with it, work that in. Once it's worked in we'll just kind of smooth it off. We're going to use our bamboo stick here. We're going to use it to make a row to plant our turnips. Turnip seeds are best planted in the Springtime about six weeks before your last frost. We'll just sprinkle the turnip seeds in here about one inch apart, cover them lightly and then we're going to water them in well. We're going to want to thin them out to four to six inches apart. The best time to eat a turnip is when it's about no more than two inches across. That's when they're the most tender. So there is planting our turnips.