Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and next, we're going to talk about how to plant cucumber seeds. Now, the materials that you will need are some cucumber seeds; a bag with some paper towels or paper in it to start it, or you can use a seed tray; start it right in the seed tray, or you can have a little container and start it right in the container, or you can even have a larger container and start it in a larger container. And then, you're going to need some potting soil or compost to plant them in. So, the first step is to take your seeds, and I found the best way to start seeds is right in a plastic bag with some paper. And, put them right in the middle of the paper, and add some water. You want to moisten it up, and let it sit for a few days and keep checking on it. It might take up to a week, and the seeds will start to germinate and you'll see green growth coming out of them. So, the next step is you can plant them right into the container, whether they've planted in a bag first and you got the sprouts growing, or put the seeds right into a container. And, you want to add at least three seeds to every one plant that you want to grow, cause not all of them will germinate, and kind of spread them out a little bit. So, the next step; you want to cover them about a half an inch to an inch, so that way, they will grow. So, next step; you can put them right outside into a flowerbed or a vegetable bed, mix them up and do the same thing, or you can leave them in a container. You want to water them, but let them dry out in between, and they will grow glorious cucumbers for you that you can enjoy this summer.