Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to root blueberry plants from cuttings. So the materials that you will need are a blueberry plant, a container with soil to put your cutting in and some soil. So first step take a cutting that's at least six inches long and has some divisions or some starts on it. Like, this cutting's great because it's got a T or V on the top with more starts, so we just cut it off. Next step, use any type of a root toner or something that's going to start it to root. You can even put it into right a glass with water, many times it will start rooting right into the glass or you can take a shot glass with honey, and just put a little bit of honey on the end. And then just put your cutting right into a container with soil about one or two inches deep, just so that it's good and covered on the bottom. So put your blueberry plant in a really sunny spot and make sure that it has got good drainage and it's not sitting just in water, but yet you never want it to dry out even one time because you'll lose it. And eventually it will grow roots and you will have a brand new blueberry plant for your garden.