Video transcription

Hello, my name is Amy Salinger, and I’m a New York City Fashion Stylist. I’ve worked or appeared on such shows as The Today Show; What Not to Wear; Ambush Makeover; The Makeover Story, and I also have a personal clientele that loves me and keeps coming back to me, because I know how to make a real woman look fabulous on not a million dollars. That’s kind of my forte. Buy what you need; use what you have. Today, I am going to talk about how to prevent wrinkles in cotton clothing, and there’s a few options to do this. First thing’s first, if you’re smart about it, you need to make sure that you go downstairs right when the dryer is done and take the clothing out of the dryer. The most important thing, actually, if you really don’t want them to wrinkle is to take them out, the specific pieces that you want to keep fresh and crisp, and to hang them up. This will help to release the wrinkles. Now, if you maybe miss the dryer cycle, the end of it, by a little bit, and they’re hanging out in there and they do get a little wrinkled, you’re just gonna turn it on and have it tumble for about four or five minutes, and that should also help to release the wrinkles. And of course, if you truly do not want to have anything to do with an iron and anything having to do with wrinkles, you’re going to pick up some non-iron shirts. This studio, XLA, produces a fiber that allows you to never iron again because the shirts come out of the dryer looking like this. You can pick them up at Brooks Brothers and a lot of places, even like JC Penney and J Crew, are even now selling non-wrinkle shirts. So, you don’t have an excuse anymore for looking wrinkled, because this is how you prevent wrinkles in cotton clothes.