Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stephen Smith from Atlanta, Georgia; owner of Viva Fitness, also located in Atlanta, Georgia. Today I'll be showing you exercises in Urban Body Fitness. I'm going to show you how to use a kettlebell. This is a kettlebell which is a weighted object that has a handle that you can use for resistance exercise and sort of cardio variant exercises as well. Alright. Basically you can take a kettlebell and they cone in pairs; you could do simple things as squatting in place. If you want to add more intensity you can squat and curl. You can add the shoulder press; squat. There are a number of exercises you can do with the kettlebell. There's a kettlebell swing squat; there's a crossover squat. You can do burpees with kettlebell. There are kettlebell classes that are offered. A lot of Pilates instructors are offering kettlebell classes as well. So, say for a kettlebell swing squat; feet out, shoulders back swing the kettlebell back; bring it up back and up thrusting the hips forward as the kettlebell comes up. There's a crossover squat; you can crossover touch; bring the kettlebell up; crossover touch; up. Other side; make sure you balance out; symmetry is very important when doing type of resistance exercise. You don't want to exercise one side and not the other. So like I mentioned, kettlebells come in all various weights. It's good to get a pair. You can do a number of exercises. Look for a kettlebell class in your area today.