Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow bitter melon. Now bitter melons are just like any other melon that grow on a vine, and they're easy to grow. So the materials that you will need are: a bitter melon plant, usually you start them from seed in the spring and a nice area to grow them, raised beds are the best. So first step, you start the seeds in the spring after the last frost. So actually, it's almost better to wait until even the beginning of June where it's really warm; you don't want the cold cold nights 'cause they're more of a warm climate plant. You start them in raised beds and you just sprinkle the seeds in about one inch deep and just put them into little rows and they will come up immediately. Next step; they'll grow all summer long and in the fall, they'll produce these wonderful bitter melons and you can cook them in many many different ways. And once they're done producing the melons, you can just pull up the plants 'cause it's not going to come up the next year in cold climates especially and just use it for compost. Bitter melons are pretty easy to grow as long as you give them lots of sun and good drainage and lots of room 'cause they make a big vine. They're a great addition to your garden.