Video transcription

Hi my name is Nathan McConnell. I'm a paramedic and EMS instructor in Brunswick County, North Carolina and this is how to treat a severe burn. Some of the things we're going to need to treat a severe burn is some gauze material and some bandaging material. The first step in treating a severe burn is to make sure that the scene is safe for you and make sure that whatever was burning the patient is not still there. For this case we're going to use this patient's arm right here and pretend that there is a severe burn here. The first thing we want to do, the next thing we want to do is we want to make sure that any jewelry or anything like that is removed from the patient. Whenever there is a burn the patient has, will start to swell and they will have swelling in the whole area so we want to get that jewelry off as fast as possible to keep it from cutting off any circulation. As with minor burns when we put the water on them to wash them we don't do that with severe burns. We can cause the patient to go into severe hypothermia if we do that. So at this point we want to just take some regular bandage material and we want to cover up the burn area. Once the burn area is covered we'll go back with bandaging material and wrap it. If the patient was burned inside a fire or in a chemical incident or something like that we also want to take and make sure that we are monitoring the patient's breathing status the whole time. We want to make sure that they are still breathing and that they remain to have a good pulse. After the area is thoroughly wrapped, we are going to take this patient and these people with the severe burns do need to be seen by a doctor or the emergency room so these people need to go to the hospital. My name is Nathan McConnell and this has been how to treat a severe burn.