Video transcription

Hi, I'm Sal Butera, professional pool player and owner of Butera's Billiards in Moorpark, California. Today we're going to demonstrate the ways of racking the ball for eight ball, rotation, and nine ball. Basically you're going to need a good triangle, good set of balls, pool table, and a good pool cue, basic eight ball rack, you're going to want to have solid in front, a solid and stripe on either corner, and the eight ball in the center. Make sure you push 'em all together tight, and there ya go. For rotation, similar style rack, a 1 in the front, 2 in the rear corner, 3 in the rear corner, and the 15 ball replaces the 8 ball. Nine ball, basically a game played with nine balls, most of the stripes are then taken off the table. Balls are racked in a random order, 1 ball in front, 9 ball in the center. The balls are racked in a diamond shape. By doing this you want to use the back sides of the rack, your hands to push these balls together tight, always making sure you're giving your opponent a good tight rack. This'll help you to break the balls good.