Video transcription

Hi, I'm Cari Thomas and this is my shop, Santa Barbara Gift Baskets. Today I'm going to show you how to wrap cellophane around a gift. The materials that you'll need are the cellophane, tape, scissors and ribbon. The first step is to select your gift and I think since this gift is so beautiful that just wrapping some cellophane around it to present is a good idea because it'll let the beauty of the gift show through. So we want to lay out our cellophane on a clean surface. Put the gift on top and we know we want to leave a little at the top so we're going we're going to cut an even piece on both sides. Now we want to bring it up to the center at the top of your gift. I try to keep it as flat as I can in front and any type of creases or wrinkles, have those on the side. I'm going to pull it all up really tightly to the center at the top. Before I tie on any ribbon, I'm going to use a little piece of tape, just to make sure that it's secured and that the cellophane will stay laying flat. And then I'm going to pull these up and see where we want to trim and bring it all together, nice and straight and just do one cut across the center. And then again. Now you've got it wrapped up. Kind of flare that out and you're ready to put on our ribbon. Cut a piece of ribbon. I might go around with that a couple times. And then I'm going to tie a knot and then go ahead with a bow. I like to do two ropes, and then pull. We'll cut our ends, we fold them together, cut towards the edge. This is wired ribbon so we can give it a little curl and there you have a gorgeous gift wrapped in cellophane, ready to be given.