Video transcription

Hi, I'm Cari Thomas and this is my shop, Santa Barbara Gift Baskets and I'm here today to show you how to make a gift box. The materials needed are: a ruler, scissors, pencil, glue stick or stickers. The first step is you need two pieces of paper or wrapping paper. They need to be perfect squares, and one needs to be one-eighth of an inch less all the way around. So I've already used the ruler and cut my two squares, the appropriate sizes. So we're going to go ahead and start folding to make our gift box. Be sure to make really deep creases and to get everything as exact as possible; so your box won't be lap sided. Open it back up and you're going to fold every corner into the center point; being sure to press down your creases. Now you're going to fold it in half long ways to the centerfold. You also want to be sure to have clean hands so that you're not getting any grime on your box. Now you're going to open these both back up and you're going to fold in half the other way; just to the center. You can do this with any paper you have at home, any left, leftover gift wrap. You're going to open up one; these are the sides of your box and then one at a time, you're going to bring the sides up to fold in. This is the trickiest part to me; you fold it where you already have a fold and you're going to bring this edge to this edge here. That's going to make a triangle in the center that you're going to want to go ahead and crease right when you get it up. And this triangle needs to go in; fold it over in your crease area and then do the other side; then bringing it up, making your triangle. So we've made our base and then if we proceeded to do the same with the lid, you would come up with the two parts; they then go together, make it super cute, then a gift box. These I did in a little bit smaller on the top and a different pattern and you could stack wrap a little gift for somebody just with the leftover scraps from home. And that's how you make a gift box.