Video transcription

Hi I'm Cari Thomas and this is my shop, Santa Barbara Gift Baskets and I'm here today to show you how to make gift bags. The materials needed are a bag, stickers, a stamp, tissue, ribbon and scissors. The first thing that you'll need is your gift bag. You can just use a normal shopping bag with a handle from the store and I'm going to put a sticker on the front of it and before I do that I'm going to stamp a message and I have already got my stamp set up to say Merry Christmas on it so I'm just going to stamp right in the center of the sticker so you can just use a normal white label, there we go, now peel that off and I'm going to put it right in the center of the bag, then I'm going to take this coordinating ribbon and I'm going to tie it on to the front right side of the handle, tie it into a bow, just a normal shoe lace bow and fluff out the loops. We're going to give someone some Biscotti for Christmas. I'm going to go ahead and slide the gift into the bag and we're going to use a coordinating tissue. I'm just going to fold it in half, take the center and do a little poof and we'll put in a couple pieces of tissue to finish it off, and that's a very simple way to turn a plain paper bag into a cute gift bag.