Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ben, from The Cell Phone Broker, in San Jose, California. Today, I'm going to show you how to find a lost cell phone using GPS. On the Apple iPhone there's a new feature. It's called MobileMe Find My iPhone, and what that does is it allows you to go on the Internet; find your iPhone using a pinpointed map location, and then track that iPhone and see if it's moving anywhere, or if it's stuck in one location. This will allow you to locate your phone, and also, completely erase all the information that's on the phone if somebody has stolen it. So basically, what we're going to do is we're going to log into If you have an iPhone, the majority of iPhone users do have this enabled. And, basically, is a wireless sync, and what it allows you to do is sync your E-mail, your contacts, and your calendar with your iPhone, completely wirelessly, from your computer. So, you're going to see about seven tabs right up here on the top, and one of them, the second to last one, says Find My iPhone. So, what we're going to do is we're going to click on that, Find My iPhone, and right here it's showing the map, and it's also showing the location of the phone. So, what you're seeing here is this blue circle. This is giving you a general idea of where the phone is located. If we zoom in even more you're going to see right here; this blue dot, and this blue dot indicates the location of the phone. Many other phones do have the capabilities to do this, but then again, a lot of phones don't have the capability. A majority of the time, if your phone is GPS enabled, and you are able to track it using a tracking device, then you will have to pay a little bit extra every month with your service provider. I know for a fact that Sprint charges ten dollars for each line, and it's called Family Locater. What that will allow you to do is locate lost members, or locate members of your family; see where they are, using your computer and their cell phone.