Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ben from the Cellphone Broker in San Jose, California. Today I'm going to show you how to find a phone number on your cellphone. Basically, what you're going to do is you're going to go into the phone dialer section of your phone. You'll see recent calls and if you take a look here, you see a bunch of different contacts and phone numbers and anybody here that has a name, it means that they're somebody that you know and they're already in your contact list. Any number without, it means that they're not in your contact list and the best chances that you're, that's the, the number that you're trying to find. So this number right here, 866-953-0300, that's the number that I'm trying to call. So if I just go ahead and write that down or click on it, I can call them back right away. The second step to finding someone's phone number would be to type in their name in your phone book or your phone contact list. I'm going to hit search right here in my contact list; it pops up with a keyboard, so I just type in the contact that I'm looking for and those are the phone numbers that I'm looking for. So I'm just going to hit the location that I want which should be this one and there's the phone number that I was trying to find. Now if you're trying to find a business or another person and you don't have them in your contact list or you don't have them in your, in your phone book on your phone; then you can always go to the Internet. You can go to Google or you can go to You can type in that person's name or that business's name and majority of the time, if that person is listed or that business has a website or they have been listed on the Internet, then you'll be able to find their phone number that way. I'm Ben from the Cellphone Broker. That's how you find a phone number. Thanks for watching.