Video transcription

Hi, my name is Sarah Shoemaker, and today we're going to talk about how to sew ribbons on your pointe shoes. The materials you'll need will be your pointe shoe, some ribbon, needle and thread, scissors. So to begin sewing ribbons on your pointe shoes, there's a few things you need to know about the supplies that you're going to use. Let's start with the needle and thread. You want to buy a thread that's sturdy and you can use actually a dental floss as long as it's not waxed to sew your pointe shoes. It's a very strong fiber and will not tear so that you don't have a chance of your ribbons falling off in the middle of a performance. The type of needle that you use should have a large eye because you're using a sturdier thread. There are also lots of different styles of ribbon; but a, a dance wear store will have some web ribbons that you can purchase. To place the ribbon on the pointe shoe; everyone's going to have a different method and a different way of sewing; but a good rule of thumb generally is to take the back of the shoe and fold it forward and where it creases would be where you would place your ribbon. But a better rule of thumb is probably to go ahead and put the shoe on your foot and once the shoe is on your foot, you want to look at where the high point of your arch is. That would be where you would sew the ribbon obviously because that's where you're going to want to pull the shoe closest to your foot. If you do this properly and you sew it in a ninety degree angle, it will prevent gapping when your foot is flexed and it will keep the shoe tight to your foot and the ribbons tight to your foot as well. With the shoe on Emily's foot, we were able to mark with a pen where the highest point of her arch was where we would sew this ribbon. We doubled the ribbon over so we have a flat surface and a straight edge to work with; place it on our mark, you would begin to stitch. It's important that you not stitch over the cloth piping at the top. That contains either an elastic drawstring or a cotton drawstring; either of which you don't want to sew because it'll need to have freedom of movement within that area there. So you'll want to stitch below the top fabric and begins stitching right there. So once we've placed the ribbon where we've marked it you begin sewing by looping under and through repeatedly beginning toward the box of the shoe, or this is called the vamp and you would continue to just loop down and through, continuing down that straight line that you created and if you have a thick solid strong thread, then you really only need to do one direction and when you get to the end you can tie it off. If you feel like your thread is a little weaker, then you can go back and repeat the same pattern going up the other direction. Now she's going to conclude and tie the knot by going under the loop of the last stitch that she created; pulling it through, it will tie a little, almost like a little knot in of itself. Do one more stitch; go through one more time through the hole pulling tight and she has completed. We do a little snip and her ribbon is sufficiently tied or sewn.