Video transcription

Hi my name is Sarah Shoemaker, and today we are going to talk about how to tie the ribbon on your pointe shoes. The materials you need for this are your pointe shoe with the ribbons and elastic already sewn on. When putting on a pointe shoe really and truly once you learn how to do this it is very hard to forget, because most girls were putting their pointe shoes on for the first time are so excited that they study it very quickly, and it becomes a matter of habit within a few short weeks. But there's a few important things that you do want to keep in mind. First you want to make sure you have sewn your ribbons, and elastic properly. So when you begin to tie the ribbons on your pointe shoes you want to make sure that you flex your foot, and this will avoid putting too much pressure on your Achilles tendon, which is behind your foot, behind your ankle. So you will begin by taking the inside ribbon, and looping it across the top of your foot. The outside ribbon goes over the inside ribbon. You also want to pull the ribbons taunt enough so that there is no gaping or sagging inside or outside, but it is held nice and tightly to your flesh. As you continue to go around the ribbon that was began on the inside remains under on the underside of the ribbon that began on the outside. You continue around with the outside ribbon, and they will meet again on the inside of the ankle. Make sure that the ribbons do not go too high on the leg, but are held just above this protrusion. Most people know it as the ankle bone right here on your foot. You tie the ribbons in a knot, and there is a little fleshy part really right behind that bone where it is safe to put that knot. You don't want to go too far back or it will become an irritation on your Achilles tendon, and could be dangerous. Once you have tied it right there in that little fleshy spot right behind the bone you tuck the ribbons and the knot completely underneath the flat ribbons, and this gives you this nice flat surface so that there is not an ugly knot that people in the audience are looking at. Of course, if you were going to do this for a stage performance you would want to sew those ribbons in place, because they can easily come out from underneath, which would be very unsightly, and unprofessional. But for a class you could simply tuck them under, and maybe spray them with a little hairspray to keep them in place. Once you have your ribbons tied you want to stand up, and check to make sure that there is no sagging or bagging or gaping ribbons, but that it is nice and taunt to your foot. And also that you are not putting any pressure on your Achilles tendon with the ribbons. It should feel fairly comfortable. And that is how you tie the ribbons on your pointe shoes.