Video transcription

Hi, I'm Roxanne Thompson from Island Florals at Carolina Beach. Our website is Today we're going to talk about making fresh arrangements and the materials you'll need for this is a glass vase or basket. If you're using a basket you need to have foam to put the flowers in, fresh water and then your fresh display of flowers and a knife. These are some pretty Fall arrangements that we have in our cooler with the nice bright Fall colors and to do this arrangement, we've arranged it in a wicker basket with foam in the basket, greenery. We have some pretty giant Eucalyptus, the bright orange Carnations, the bright orange Roses and the nice Fall medley of palms and this gives you a nice bright colored centerpiece that you could send to someone for their dining room table. Another style would be a glass vase and here the flowers are arranged in the vase, the same shades and colors. Some people prefer having the vase on their table rather than a wicker basket. You can also use containers that you have at home. We did today an arrangement in a Margarita glass. These are Pincushion Protea that we cut rather short with the knife and put those in the vase and arranged those for a small cocktail table. We added greenery out of the garden and also some pods that we had left from the Summer, a few things that were left in the garden and just a simple little arrangement like this is nice for just a little cocktail table or a little evening event and again we are Island Florals at Carolina Beach.