Video transcription

Hi, I'm Krista Calvin; a professional organizer and creator of Organize the Whole SheBang, The Smart Woman's Guide To Doing It All. Today I'm going to show you how to gift wrap a book. Items you need: your wrapping paper; I like to use a little tissue, your scissors, tape and your ribbon. First thing, I like to take the book and just gently wrap it in tissue, just to protect it a little bit more. So it doesn't have to be fancy; I'm just going to do that, but on this one, because it's not laying flat formally, I'm going to use just a little of tape to hold that in there. And when the face, the book face down on the gift wrap; I'm just going to cut the edges and don't worry about everything being perfect. Get the book's pretty centered; I'm going to go ahead and crease that a little bit and this way I can tape the paper to the tissue and not damage the book. Okay. Now you can see these ends are uneven; no big deal. Just push it down; people don't expect it to be perfect. They just rip through it anyway. I think the only people that really go through the gift wrap and save it are moms. So if it's for your mom, you know she's going to save the paper; then you can consider doing that. But most gift wrap now is pretty thin and inexpensive. Okay, so I've done that; I'm just going to tape it; get a little crease there. And when I do this side, I'm going to use a little more tape here at the edge. I want just a little floppy on the other side. So, I'm going to tape that down that'll give me, let me to be a little more secure. Be careful on this thinner paper that it doesn't tear at the corners. With any gift package, don't forget to put the finishing touches on there; beautiful ribbon; tape your gift tag on there so that it doesn't get lost and in this case, it'd be cute to add a bookmark. I'm Krista Calvin and this is how you gift wrap a book.