Video transcription

Hi I am Dr. Mike Glasmeier of First Impressions Family Dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee, and today we will be talking about ways that gum infections are treated. For a gum infection to be treated one should visit a dentist so he can properly diagnose, and prescribe treatment for a gum infection. There are two different major reasons that can cause gum infections in patients. One of them being gum disease, and the other being some sort of foreign body such as a popcorn kernel be dislodged down into the gums. Both of those ways can contribute to gum infections. A visit to your dentist can help assess what is truly causing the gum infection. If the dentist decides that you have been diagnosed with gum disease then he may prescribe you some sort of procedures involving deeper cleanings to go below the gum line, and remove any sort of build up, and debris that has accumulated that could be causing the gum disease. However, if not diagnosed with gum disease, sometimes it can be as simple as having some sort of food or debris trapped down below the gums that one cannot get to own their own. And with that sort of treatment it just basically involves going down below the tissue, and retrieving the foreign debris. In conclusion a visit to the dentist is a great way to help treat your gum infections.