Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Glasmeier from First Impressions Family Dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee and today we'll be talking about how to eliminate gum swelling due to different sources of infections. Materials needed for help eliminating swollen gums from different sources of infections can include, but not limited to mouthwashes, toothpaste, antibiotics and over the counter anti-inflammatory medications. With swollen gums, some of the initials steps one can take to help combat infection of the gums would be using a mouth rinses that has something like peroxide in it. Peroxide has been known to help fight infection and swishing with a peroxide mouthwash can help eliminate some of the gum infection and puffiness that we see. With regards to discomfort, you can also take an anti-inflammatory such as Motrin or Ibuprofen and that in combination with the mouthwash oftentimes can help relieve some of the discomfort from the gums as well as alleviate some of the puffiness that one may see due to an infection. If mouthwash and anti-inflammatories have not been adequate for helping resolve the gum infection and swelling; then one might want to go to a dentist at that point for a consultation as the dentist may need to assess further problems that be, could be contributing such gum disease. Typically, at this point, if there's no improvement, the dentist will place the patient on some sort of antibiotic to help combat the gum infection, as well as prescribe any sort of treatment that would be needed, such as deep cleanings or surgery. In conclusion, there are multiple things that someone can do to help prevent or treat gum infections due to different sources of infections.