Video transcription

Hi my name is Tanya Batts and I'm a personal trainer. I want to show you just a few exercises that will really help you to reduce the fat below your belly button. The materials you will need to burn that fat right below the belly button is just a really soft mat and a little bit of space. We're going to start with tip number one, come on your back. All I want you do is set the knees above the hips, arms wide, lower one heel then the other. This is absolutely targeting the lowest part of your abdominals. Good stuff. You just want to dip and lift. So you don't want to just drop the toes straight down. You want to send that leg down and out. That's working those lowest part of the abdominals, rolling up. I'm going to do tip number two. All I want you to do is plank. Elbows under shoulders, set your knees back and I want you to try this, tuck your toes under, lift the knees off. Here's what I want, you to be perfectly long. This is what I need from you. Lower the knees to the floor and lift it. Dip it, lift it, holy cow, underneath the belly button, absolutely feeling it, four, three, two more, one more, boom. Hold the plank, don't go anywhere, here's number three, lower one hip to the floor, lower the other. I'm not really going all the way down, boom, that is working the obliques right underneath the belly button. So those are just a few exercises you can do to really work on that fat underneath that belly button.