Video transcription

Hi my name is Annaise Chaul, I own Brazilian Beauty Lounge. Now we are going to talk about permanent hair removal types. We have waxing, which is over time, over ten years you are going to kill the roots, and the hair follicle. You are not going to have hair growing back. But it takes you ten years to kill the root. And the laser is permanent, semi-permanent, because in six to eight sections you are not going to have hair at all, but in ten years the hair starts growing back. So the best way you decide, because we have two good ways to do that. The laser, which is quick way, and faster. And the waxing, which is more takes more time, but if you can get and kill all the roots in ten years. And you are not going to have hair in some areas on your body. The difference in pain is waxing is a little painful than the laser. But the laser can be a little painful too, but waxing is more painful.