Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to clean flower plant pots. Now if you're a gardener and you have lots of different containers around, they always get dirty and when you reuse them they just kind of get a salt rim along the top a lot of times; so they just don't look good. So there's a lot of easy ways that you can clean them and my ideal is always choose an organic option and make sure that you use; don't use any heavy heavy chemicals. And there's a lot of easy easy solutions. So the materials that you will need are some dirty flower pots; some bleach; some vinegar and any type of natural cleaning element. This has got ethyl alcohol in it. So you don't really have to buy the high end product. You can just go out and buy some ethyl alcohol or some bleach or even any type of algae removers; so any type of organic algae remover works really well for cleaning pots and it's pretty much that easy. So step one; I always recommend just soaking your pots whether it's in a bucket or a bowl or in the sink; soak them overnight. So just by soaking the pots, most of the gunk will come right off and you don't really need to use anything but water. Step two; once you've soaked them and there are still anything remain; this is just ethyl alcohol spray and I'm just going to spray it down and just let it soak for a couple of hours. I can also mix half bleach, half water or half vinegar and half water and either one works really well. So step three; once you've rinse it off or let it soaked, just clean it off with water and just scrub it whether you have a scrubber or a pad; all of it works really well and then you can turn around and use your container and you can re-pot your orchids or you can plant a little tillandsia in there and you will find it was that easy to clean your garden pots.