Video transcription

Hi, I'm Alison Scott with Allieflower, and this is how to make a floral bouquet. Materials you'll need: ranunculus, lilies, greenery, gerber daises, floral tape, pins, ribbon, floral cutters, and scissors. You'll take your lilies first, one at a time, the lilies have the pollen in them, and you'll want to be sure you take that out, because it'll stain almost anything, and pollen won't come out of your clothes. You just take your hand in the middle, pull it off. You'll start with your larger flowers first, which, in this case will be our lilies. You'll put them together where you have your buds on the top, your flowers around the bottom. You'll make sure you have all of your greenery from that, from the bottom of the flowers down clipped off. At that point, you'll take your next flower, which are your gerber daises, and just kind of stick them in between, right there, and we have one more, and we'll put it right here. You'll take your next flower, in this case it'll be the ranunculus, and put it right, right in to the spot where you see an opening. See we have another one right here, so we'll take another piece, another ranunculus flower and just kind of thread it through and pull down so it's nestled inside where you have an opening. Stick it in, fix that lilies petal, on the other side, right here, we'll take one and put it right next to it. And now you'll add your greenery. We have this greenery right here, which is called luchadendrian, it's really pretty, it comes in a burgandy, and in a green. What you'll do is you'll want to strip down these leaves for the bouquet. You'll notice we have a small gap, right there in the middle. You'll take your long stem and weave it through, and pull it, gently pull it down to fill that gap. And now we'll use the seeded eucalyptus greenery as a collar. Place it gently underneath the base of all the flowers. You'll take your anchor tape, and about twelve inches, and right where you put your greenery, you'll start with your tape, and you'll hold it with your thumb, and wrap tightly to make sure all of your flowers stay secure in your bouquet. You take your ribbon, and just like you did with your tape, you put it at the base of the flowers, and wrap. It's about four full turns. With your scissors, you'll cut, fold this down. At the end of your ribbon, you'll tuck in about a half inch, and fold over. You'll take your pins, and you'll secure one at the top of your fold, one at the bottom of your fold. Take your floral cutters and cut about two inches from the base of your ribbon. I'm Allison Scott with Allieflower, and this is how you make a floral bouquet.