Video transcription

Hi, I'm Allison Scott with Allieflower and today we're going to make a silk flower bouquet. The materials you'll need are silk flowers, wire cutters, floral anchor tape, scissors and ribbon and the pin. The first thing you'll do is take the floral silk flowers; they usually come in bunches; you will cut them apart using your wire cutters to keep the stems as long as possible. You'll end up with this and that can be thrown in the trash. You'll take your flowers after you've cut them all apart. You'll start with your larger flowers first and take the plastic green leaves off. You'll leave a few at the top so they will also be in your bouquet. You'll put them together; slowly but making it all the way around. You can mix the different colors however you want. Sometimes you'll make them all colors all the way around or you can even put all yellow together or all the peach; whatever kind of bouquet you're looking for. You'll leave some of the greenery on, so it shows at the bottom. On the silk flowers, because they're plastic; the plastic stems, the leaves are easy to pull off. When you have the size bouquet you want; let's add one more; that's a pretty good size bouquet; you'll take your tape, get about a two, foot and a half to two feet of tape; cut it and start at the base of your greenery. You'll wrap it around, so you have about two inches tape together; so you have it secured. Now to make an actual bouquet, you'll also want to wrap it with a ribbon. You'll start right here at the top of where your tape is; you'll hold it with your thumb and hold and wrap and you'll do that all the way down to cover your tape. When you've got it how you want it, you'll use your scissors; cut it right here. Tuck your end under and secure with a pin. All you have to do now is cut your ends where they're even at the bottom with your wire cutters. I'm Allison Scott with Allieflower and that is how you make a silk flower bouquet.