Video transcription

Hi I'm Phyllis Cambria with In this clip I'm going to show you how to decorate wedding tables with tulle. You will need a table covered with a linen. You will need a roll of tulle. You will need some T Pins. You'll need some bowls. You'll need a scissor. Very often when you go to a reception hall they will have a basic table and very basic linens. Using tulle you'll be able to dress it up to give it that little extra sparkle and punch and it won't cost you very much money. I'll show you how. Step number one, measure your table's circumference. In this case it's 48 inches and triple it. Then take your tulle, unroll it and divide it in half. Then bunch it and use a T Pin to attach the tulle to your cloth. You'll scallop it, bunch it, pin it, and just continue on until you have completed the entire table. Once you have come full circle and you pin the last piece, cut off any excess that you may have, then take your ribbon and attach the bow in a variety of spots around your table making sure that it doesn't interfere with guest's seating. So for just a few dollars in a couple of minutes you have turned a plain table into something pretty. I'm Phyllis Cambria. Thanks for watching.