Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to grow Physalis or the Chinese Lantern plant. It's one of the most funnest plants that you can have in your garden. Now you can start if from seed or from a root but the easiest way is to collect seeds from the year before so they make these bright orange lanterns that dry out and as soon as they dry collect the seeds and then save them. So the materials that you will need to grow Physalis are some Physalis seeds, a container and some gravel to put on the bottom of the container and some potting soil and then you need lots of sunlight and you can grow them in a raised bed or in your garden as well. They don't have to be in a container. So now the first step is to get your container ready. So like I noted I always like to have gravel in the bottom of the container so put some gravel in a container. Then you want to add some potting soil above that. So step two is put your Physalis seeds into the container. Now step three is cover that up about one or two inches. Now step four, put your container out in the sunniest spot that you can find and let it come up and keep it watered but not too wet. You want to dry it out each time and you'll find these big Chinese Lanterns developing on stalks and let them dry and then you can use them in your Fall decorations and they're a beautiful addition to your Fall garden.