Video transcription

Hi, I'm Meesha and I'm here at Beatty High School in Beatty, Nevada and I'm going to tell you about school lockers. I put my school books and my calculators and stuff in there so that when I need it for classes and stuff like that, I can come pick it up and then I can go back to my classes. I don't have to carry everything with me as a big heavy load. I can just drop stuff off and come get it as needed. I can also put my coat in there so I don't have to carry it around. And, if you have a cellphone, you can put it in your locker so that you won't get in trouble during classes and you can push your lunch in it; you can put snacks in it; you know, you can put drinks and stuff in it so that you know, during or after class, for lunch, you can come and pick up your lunch out of your locker 'cause there's a little space where it fits in there; just perfect. You can decorate it by putting up personal items like you can put a picture; so you can put up decorations like little ribbons and bows; get a lot of required classes like Math or English or Science and you have to carry around those big books and carrying them all which is be such a pain. So it's a lot easier to have a locker.