Video transcription

Let's talk about how to turn your hips on the back swing and on the forward swing. Again it's pretty simple. The hands and the club start at back, swing the club at the target, and you let your body follow your arms. Now to solve swaying and some other problems in golf, I go back to a golf book I got as a young man back in believe it or not the early 60's and a great pro, Johnny Palmer, wrote an article and he talked about turning in a barrel. So imagine when you're hitting some practice balls the next time you're in a barrel and when you swing your hips will turn but they won't hit either side of the barrel, that's called coiling. So your hips really just coil one way, they coil the other way. You don't want them to turn like that and hit the left side of the barrel and you don't want to go back here and hit the right side of the barrel. You just want your hips to coil as you swing the club back and through and if you allow your body to respond to your arms guess what, it's not too hard.