Video transcription

How to use your legs with a golf swing. Well again, it's pretty simple. The hands and the club start aback. Your arms are going to swing the club at the target, and you're going to allow your body to follow your arms. Very simple. You don't get to the top of your back swing, and drive with your hips, and your legs. If you do that, you're going to actually lurch or you're going to throw your body out in the field with the ball. If you want to create more power, do two things. Swing your arms faster (elbow and shoulder), and let your right side release just like that. Then my bigger muscles are going to help me maintain my balance, and because they're my bigger muscles, they're going to allow this to do his job just a little bit better. So let your legs follow your arms. Guess what? You're going to have a great leg action.