Video transcription

You probably heard the term one piece take away, one piece golf swing. Well, I think the way I like to look at it is this. If a person sets up to a golf ball, and they're at a position, and that could be the ball too far for the hands behind the ball. You're going to have a tough time because as you swing that club back, there's going to be a crossover. So people call it a double cross, there's many terms for it. All I can look at it very simple. You set up to hit the shot, if you take your left arm in the club and make a straight line, and drop your hands down, then start the back swing with your hands in the club head, you're going to basically be what I call one piece. Now you actually got the club, and your hands starting back in one piece, you go behind your shoulders. Again, you finished half a golf swing. You did that eight things to think about. A good swing starts with a proper grip, a proper setup. Most players have no chance by the time they swing the club because their grip is faulty, their setup is faulty, they're constantly changing ball positions. Go to your professional, keep it simple. Having spent one whole lesson, not on swinging the club but on proper grip and proper setup. If you're not prepared to hit the shot, you probably won't.