Video transcription

Let's talk about how to start a golf swing. Well the first thing, you don't want a lot of tension. If you see that person that gets over the golf ball, and they wait, and they wait, and they wait. Pretty soon they're frozen. The chance of a fluid swing is almost impossible. For a long, long time, and still today, there are some players who start their golf swing, okay, with what we call a forward press. They set up, and they smooth their hands slightly forward and start to club back. Then, you have some players that set up, and they start their forward, their backswing by kicking their knee in slightly, maybe their right knee goes in a little bit, so they're using a forward press to trigger the start of their swing. I personally don't like those for two reasons. Number one, if I set up with my club head square to my target and I forward press, the odds are I'm going to open my club face. Secondly, if I kick my knee in there's a tendency to go from square to open. Now, the way I start it is very simple. I take dead aim. I square my body to the club, and then I make sure that my hands and that club head start the backswing together, just like that. The hands and the club start the backswing. It goes behind my shoulder, and guess what? I've just completed half a golf swing. I've heard some people say you start it with your shoulders; you start it with your legs, all kinds of things. So, keep it simple, be relaxed. Your hands and the club head start back at the same time, and you're ready to play golf.