Video transcription

Let's talk about an age old problem it's called a slice. How to cure a slice, well really it's not too tough and believe it or not if you understand a couple principles and you keep it simple. First if the ball is going to curve to the right, the club face has to be open. Now if the ball starts out to the right and curves to the right that means that you probably have a pretty good swing but your club face is just open. A slice is where the club cuts across the target path with an open club face which results in a ball that starts slightly to the left and then curves unfortunately way to the right. Now the first thing you have to understand is that the grip, how you grip the golf club controls the club head. You really have three hands and these two hands control this hand right here. So the first thing you need to do if you are gripping it up in the palm or you're gripping it too weak, your club head is probably going to be open in the hitting area. In some cases demonstrably and that person is going to hit really high weak shots to the right. What you want to do, grip it stronger in the fingers so that the hands work together and allow the club head to square up or even close a little bit as you swing the club that you target. So the first thing to cure a slice is the grip. The second thing you have to do is that in most cases when a person cuts across a ball it's not because they swing the club from inside and over the top, it's generally because number one they're not letting their arm start the forward swing and remember your arms are the elbow to the shoulder, right here, that's my forearm and that's my hand so my arms have to swing the club at the target and I have to let my right side, my body follow my arms which means that my heel has to come off the ground. If the heel doesn't come off the ground what happens is my body has to twist too quickly which changes the angle of my shoulders which makes my ball, now my club, now cut across the ball and if I have an open club face I just sliced it. So you want to cure your slice, strengthen your grip, let your arm start your forward swing and let your right side release. You'll hit the ball straighter, you'll hit it much farther and golf becomes fun again.