Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I am going to talk about how to prune Wave Petunias. Now Petunias are a beautiful addition to your hanging baskets or if you have got kind of a hillside you can put there or even right into the garden because they bloom and bloom and bloom and bloom but the thing is when they bloom in the middle of Summer sometimes they look kind of tacky so how do you trim them back and how do you prune them? There is a few rules that you can follow and they are very simple and they are no different than pruning a Geranium or any other type of plant. So basically when you are pruning you want to prune off all the dead leaves and all the blooms and you want to cut them where they meet another leaf line. So wherever they are meeting another leaf like right where it V's out you want to cut right into that section and the more hacking you do the better, especially like mid-Summer when they start looking trashy chop them, just chop them almost all the way back and they'll go and grow really full. Make sure and give them lots of water and maybe some real fresh compost on top so they can get some new nutrition as well and so you just want to trim them back and take all the Medusa-type foliage out, any yellow or brown foliage and again the rule of thumb is one third at a time if you can and whack it back if it doesn't look good at all and by just trimming back a little bit you will enjoy it a lot in the future because the more you trim them the better they bloom and that way you can enjoy your Wave Petunia for another and another wave. It's a great plant.